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Update: 09.20.20
This has been a tough year, as I'm sure you all can relate! The one greatest  blessing was the arrival of my baby girl in January! However, since pregnancy and even now many months later I have been dealing with de quervain's syndrome, a painful inflammation of the thumb tendons down to the inner wrist. This has limited my pottery work and art significantly and I'm reluctant to seek treatment in these crazy pandemic times. Even then, some of the events I planned to attend have gone online! Check them out below. I will update with a second link to an online shop, and then will launch said shop permanently in 2021! Take care of yourselves everyone!

2020 Events: 
CTN Road Trip: Postponed, likely cancelled.
DigiKumoricon Nov. 6-8: We will have an online shop open that weekend!
CTNX Online Nov. 16-22: We will have an online shop open that weekend!

2019 Events:
CTN Road Trip May 18-19 : Burbank, CA
Bunnypalooza Sept. 1st, Portland OR
POP Cats Sept. 28-29 : Portland, OR
Portland Retro Gaming Expo Oct. 18-20 : Portland, OR
Kumoricon Nov. 15-17  Portland, OR
CTNX Nov. 21-24: Burbank, CA