Sovereign: Kingdoms

 Digitally painted in Photoshop. Click first image to open full set in image loader.
I came on board to Sovereign:Kingdoms during the last few months of beta development, and being their sole 2D Artist, steered the art style towards a more unified direction, since the previous art work were done by multiple artists with different styles, with much of the art also being photo manipulations.  This was the work I did for the game: isometric building assets, monsters for face to face battle, event panels for text-based rpg like adventure, and vanity items for players to purchase or find in game in order to complete special sets.
Knuckle sandwich time! Rock Demon.
A dapper ghoul.
Frost dragon for the ice reg ion.
This bunny is the writer's Monty Python homage. He's all ready for Halloween.
Halloween's boss, Mr. Headless.

Desert Dragon boss.

Buildings and ponies.

Holy armor set.

Stat potions.

Quest icons.

A background for monster battles.

Town loading screen.

Orc Queen event panel.

Gnoll chieften + sketch.

Final boss defeated. Or is she?

Looking for fairy dust? It'll cost ya.

Krampus is coming to town...

Final boss for the level 50-60 storyline.