My two favorite guys! Chunk & Godot.
Mary J. Lai is an animator and illustrator with an MFA from UCLA's Animation program.   Raised the majority of her life in Los Angeles, she spent her latter years in Northern California. She received a BA in Art from UC Santa Cruz, and a certification in Science Illustration. She continued her education in animation at UCLA, and is currently self-employed, in addition to working on personal projects and studies in Portland, OR.  She has a fondness for birds, which are a frequent subject in her work and cause of quite a few shenanigans in her life. Her achievements include receiving the Matt Groening Initiative award for her thesis film Velo Hoot (which was also selected for an encore in the Best of the NorthWest Animation Film Fest), featured filmmaker for UCLA's Film & TV's Director's Spotlight for her second year film dream(drem)n., and multiple donor awards.  Her favorite mediums include ink, watercolor and clay.  She currently resides in Portlandia with her house rabbit, two canaries, and engineer husband.

If you have any comments, questions, or projects requiring my skillset, please don't hesitate to send an email!
buzzbirdzilla [at] 
gmail [dot] com.